How To Turn On Instagram Dark Theme Mode?

Instagram is nowadays the most popular social networking site among teenagers for sharing photos and videos. The recent feature of Instagram is the Dark theme feature which became a favorite and popular theme among users. But it is not as straightforward to change the theme and also not everybody can change to Dark Theme Mode.


You’ll need to have iOS 13 or Android 10 operating systems.

Also, Instagram does not have a built-in option to change the theme to dark mode. You will have to change the device’s theme to Dark after which Instagram will also switch to the dark mode.

How to turn on Instagram Dark Mode

On Android

  • Go to system settings
  • Click on Display settings
  • Switch on the Dark theme

On iOS

  • Go to settings
  • Click on Display & Brightness
  • Turn on Dark Theme

It will change the device’s theme to dark. All apps which support dark theme including Instagram will then change to the dark theme.

There is no option to change just Instagram’s theme to Dark for now. So, you have to follow the above steps, for now, to turn on Dark Mode for Instagram.

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